I'm told that my style is active, warm, informal, personal, and laced with humor. Clients say that my gift is in seeing quickly to the heart of issues, so they can consider new perspectives and possibilities while feeling very safe and accepted. I would like to believe these things are true!

Some clients describe me as bringing both a psychological and a spiritual perspective to bear, which can add depth and dimension to the work we do. But I always remember a Master's Thesis I once saw, titled "Self Actualization: The Next Neurosis". I try to avoid this!

In general, I don't tend to see my clients for long periods of time, but every situation is unique. Some people I see for a few months, some longer. Some come with a specific issue that we're able to resolve in one or two sessions. There are a few clients I've seen from time to time over many years, as crises have arisen in their lives.

My theoretical orientation is eclectic. Depending on the needs of particular clients, I draw on a variety of treatment perspectives, especially Emotionally Focused Therapy, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (to name just a few). I do not think in the medical model terms of symptoms, disease and cure. Rather, I view my clients as human beings who are encountering life challenges that demand new levels of growth and integration.